The Beginning

Una sola lingual non e’ mai abbastanza!

After reading many a blog, and not finding one to fit my nostalgic, comfort food, family, art, poetry loving, history frame of mind, I have decided to fall head first (hands trembling) into blogging.

I am first and foremost a wife and mom, so a weekly blog is all I’m going to truly commit to writing. I’ve got a life that I want to be a part of and I can’t do it typing all damn day.

A little bit of my heaven….

I’m a mom to lots of kids. LOTS. It’s my happy, messy, frustrating, amazing life. I have a past, as we all do and perhaps with time I will share my life’s lessons. I truly believe that I have been blessed to know there is so much to learn – and love, looking into the broken mirror. Mother, wife, daughter…they are all wonderful people to be, but I’m ready to dive into the inner child, daydreamer, artist that I’ve been missing for so long.