It can be Different

I wanted to address an issue that some women/men with anxiety/depression experience at some point in their lives. Suicidal thoughts, and at times, the sad reality of taking their own life.

For those that do not suffer from any mental illness I envy you, and I want you to be educated. It only takes one brave action to save a life, and one choice of indifference to lose a life.

For many of us, anxiety is exhausting. Our body longs for rest, peace. Our minds tell us we cannot stop, not even for a moment. Our thoughts are shaped by our fears, unknowns and the agony of our self-inflicted isolation. We do not isolate ourselves because we choose to, rather, it is a means to survive. Our depression makes us feel unworthy of your time, your love.

Often, in our need to remain in control it is at the cost of our ability to find that line that separates health vs. harm. There is no right or wrong way to ‘be’ for us, but we know when we begin to stumble long before you see it. It is not our fault we are this way, it is not something we can just snap out of. It is more and more engrained in us if we feel judged, or like a burden.

If you know someone that has become isolated, stops going out, retreats from his or her normal life, be an advocate for them. They are loved and they need to know it. I have found that it is usually those hurting the most that hide it so very, very well. They can smile while when they feel like they are dying inside. If you know someone struggling, please, reach out. Let them know you’re there.


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