It Was Nothing

She draws him close
Breathes deep
A perfume that isn’t hers
The collar smudged with rouge
A color she doesn’t use
His cuffs rolled up, not for business but pleasure

Her heart fades into a moment far gone
She holds him tighter and closes her eyes
This time he will not leave

Stepping in from his long goodbye
Once again his hair combed back
Her scent on him has remained
Clothes off and tongue on skin
She tastes her
All over him

Her soul aches and body flexes
The death of her would be kinder than this
Now he will not leave

Pants pressed
Walking out he says goodbye
Over and over she will remember it
Her heart screams from the pain
God cries for her

Looming in the halls
He brought her clothes to smell
Sweet with perversion
The smell of sex not hers
Pain so raw she vomits
To end this life would be sweeter still
Surely he cannot leave


Their bodies intertwined
For necessity perhaps love
Her womb throbs to escape
The depth of her sadness only matched with his indifference.
He kisses her like she’s someone else

Finished with her
His body hastens toward the door
He dresses his best and drives away

She lays on the floor
And dreams of love
Praying this isn’t it
Hoping he comes back
Screaming inside for her mind to be changed
Or for her soul to die

For love she has stayed
It matters not
She prays

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