Laugh Out Loud!

My totally awesome/hilarious/super-smarty-pants-kids never fail to give me the giggles. I only hope to do this scene justice!

Two of our kids are sitting with me at the table. Birdie (10) is playing with JJ (5). JJ can’t touch his nose, ear, or butt cheek (because he’s sitting on it) fast enough and begins to get frustrated. It’s after lunch so there are cups, a bowl, and salad dressing on the table. Birdie gets frustrated in return and goes into pre-teen silent mode. Suddenly…she lights up, and for 5 minutes the following happens…

Birdie: Ok fine, you don’t like that game because you always lose we can play a different game.
JJ: Ok!
Birdie: First person to look at an object wins.
JJ: Ok!
Birdie: Ready? Go!
Birdie: I win!
JJ: I wasn’t ready do it again!
Birdie: Ok, go!
Birdie: I win!
JJ: I was looking at it!?!
Birdie: Fine, what was it you were looking at?
JJ: …The cup…?
Birdie: Nope, you lose.
JJ: Mom, make her let me win.
Birdie: Yeah mom. Make me. (*smirks with a sense of deep satisfaction*)

Get it??


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