A Birthday Filled with ‘Happy’

Birthday Six for JJ-Because I Love His ‘Happy’image

My delightful/jolly/easily-excitable son JJ turns six today! Ohh the bees are buzzing around at fever pitch to decorate the hive and fill it with love and super hero goodies for his very special day!
Being born on St. Patrick’s Day is no easy thing for a child that’s been fighting the ‘status quo’ since the day he was born. He ran to the van yelling “It’s my birthday!” with the only green accessory being his absolutely mesmerizing GREEN EYES! (I squirm with my own excitement as he’s our only clone with said GREEN EYES!)
JJ is the light of our lives. Always quick to make a joke, and these days laughs at such things like the words poop, butt, brown, toot, fart and let us not forget booger! He is by far the most easy going of our brood and enjoys wearing the many uniforms of his secret identities…..shhhhhhhh*****


So to you JJ I say rock your independent spirit, your obnoxious hairdo’s and warrior attitude. Just don’t ever stop giving me those heart-melting and intense hugs after a hard days work at play. I love you to the moon and back!


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