The Art of Loss…

CeeCee, my mother-in-law loves slim-jims, Reese’s pieces, Oreos and Diet Pepsi. She has an affinity for very hot coffee and cheesecake. CeeCee has never had a child of her own, but has taken in many a stray both human and four-legged alike. Though our differences are many, she is the grandmother to my children, and we adore her.
CeeCee has Alzheimer’s Disease. It has taken much from her as of late, including her ability to find her own bathroom, her obsession with Reese’s and her health. My father-in-law Harry has taken the necessary steps to care for her in every way he can. He’s put a stop-payment on his job, rallied the troops and been the most loving, kind, humble husband I have known. His second nature to be abrasive has been swept away by his knowing she may not be ‘there’ tomorrow.

This morning we received a short, sad call from my Harry.

CeeCee has been placed in intensive care. She is on a respirator, heart failing. Harry, for the first time in many years doesn’t know what to do.
While our lives carry on in a very human way, a part of his will not. My soul aches for him. Holding fast to my faith as I watch his little bit of heaven slip away, I ask that you keep Harry in your thoughts and prayers today. Thank you.


12 thoughts on “The Art of Loss…

  1. Hold close your loved ones, they will bring you strength and peace. My Dad has severe dementia. As with Alzheimer’s, there is no getting better –only the slow decline. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hugs across the universe!

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    1. It’s sad isn’t it. And it’s not just the slow decline…it is the regression to the child like innocence that makes it hardest still. Thanks for your kindness and prayers.


  2. So sorry to hear this!
    You and you’re family are definitely in my prayers.
    I wish I knew the words to bring you comfort… hold tight to the precious memories. ❀

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