Sticky Boogers & Tea Time…

Boogers. Life is filled with boogers. Boogers here, there….everywhere.

As a mom they are a tell tale sign of many things, germs and crusty faces, colds, teething, allergies. Even my dog gets boogers on me. Every morning. Because he snorts like a pig at my comings and goings, and he’s huge…so are his boogers.

I have a long and hateful relationship with said boogers. I find them all along my journey of life with anxiety. Big boogers like weekend trips, dental work and my health. Small boogies like laundry, dishes, diapers and of course…boogers.

I love my family. I love that I have dogs, a cat and many many children. I enjoy my life. I don’t enjoy the boogers that crust it up. Or slime all over it.

Current booger on my mind presently…my husbands job ending in 9 days! 9 fracking days. Nine. That’s two more days than kids we have, days of the week, and minutes until my little humans hit the pillow. What the actual f$@k are we gonna do???

(In my mind to lighten the load I often say things like this:
‘Holy food-stamps Batman! Jobless in 9 days you say????
Yes Robin, in 9 days we turn in our shark repellent and catchy phrases for unemployment checks….’)

But under that I’m all but beside myself with contemplation about needed future dental work, stocking up on laundry detergent, dry food goods and the tissues required for handling this enormous booger of a problem.

How did we get here you may ask?…Taking a line (or many?) from a fave fellow blogger I will tell you…

***If we were sitting and drinking tea (because coffee is now a no-go…) together I will probably shed a quick tear. Then tell a story about my hard working hubby and how he got screwed by a national bank chain on his contract. In February he was told they were extending said contract with the full/promised intention of finding him a full time position with better benefits, vacation, the works. March 1st rolls around and the bitches rolled over/went back on their word. Bastards.
As we sip our tea, I’d shed another tear, and then maybe you’d ask if he’d been applying anywhere…to which I would lovingly sigh and tell you he’s been having phone interviews for weeks, a few in-person meet and greets but to no avail. That’s when if I’m blessed (and I’m sure I am because I’m with you) you will hand me a Kleenex to wipe my boogers. They’d be the soft tissues with lotion because that’s what good friends have when their friends are in crisis mode.
I drink my last bit of tea, you will smile with a look of love/pity/loss of words. Hugs are given and I leave to cry in my beast of a mini-van the whole way home.***

So, just as I ponder on the end of the official cold season, the reprieve before allergy season hits me, I am blowing into my store brand tissue, red-nosed, and overwhelmed. Damn the boogers of my life. Thank the Lord I know this too will pass, and if nothing else, I can always trade in my kids Pokemon cards for Kleenex money.

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  1. So, here goes. As I have told dearlj and will share with you, my friend. Danny had to stop working because he was allergic to his job. It provided the fruit of his addiction. I’m being intentionally vague. I had begged him to get out for a long time through lapses and re-lapses and said I would live in a one bedroom apartment. Finally, he was asked by his partners to take a time out. We decided that he wouldn’t go back. Though we had his retirement from a previous job and medical benefits, we had run up a lot of debt. I had already told him that he needed to shit or get off the pot about moving to Colorado. He was ready. We put our house up for sale but couldn’t close for months. The retirement wasn’t enough though it paid the house note. We knew that we would clear a decent amount from the sale of the house but that was 6 months away. Its a long story but we had to wait to close on the house because we would clear more. We had to borrow from 3 different sets of family members and one of his ex-partners. It was embarrassing even though we knew that it would be paid back when we closed on the house and it was. It was a rough time but we got through it. We both have social security and we have his retirement so I’m not wanting him to go back into his field at all nor does he. We can make it but we are trying to come back down to earth after having made the big bucks. We can do it and we will. I know that you have children at home and that makes it tougher but don’t let it destroy you or your marriage. Money can destroy. I made it clear that we were in it together no matter what happened and there was no need for him to feel like he let me down. We both came from alcoholic homes. I willingly traded money for my husband’s life and the lives of others he came in contact with. We paid our families and friends back and didn’t have all that much left and it is gone but it paid for the move. We are paying our bills now and are stress free. DLJ and I are both here for you. 😍

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    1. Thank You so much much for sharing your own struggles with me, for trusting me with them.
      You have touched on what I was actually talking with my hubs about. I told him I knew he was stressed, so was I, and that is ok, so long as it doesn’t affect our relationship. I haven’t written about our marriage and probably never will. It’s been a rough go at times, and this whole jobless issue is stress our marriage cannot afford. I am at a place in life, and kind of always have been, that I choose happiness and family over money any/every day of the week. Our best moments have always happened when we were dead in the water broke. We have had to ask family for money and yes, it just sucks. We haven’t had to do so in many years and I know we are blessed by that fact alone. Money is the root of many evils and it has done a number on several of those we cherish in our lives. Their own marriages fell apart, never to be repaired when the money stopped coming in…because all they had was eachother…no longer dollars as a buffer.
      Thank you for your support. Should I show up on your blog posting this-😱-you’ll know I’m panicked! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


  2. Omg, BOOGERS! I’m sorry to hear abt your hubs job, must be stressful. I will keep you and your fam in my prayers and I know it will work out for the better. There are greater things on the horizon, you gotta believe it. If I were there I’d stock you up on Puffs with lotion! Hang strong Mama ❀️

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  3. BTW, to whom it may concern, Deborah, The Monster In Your Closet is said blogger but alas, I’m lacking in the savvy smartphone tech skills to link to her. If you’re reading this Deborah, I’m sorry. πŸ’œ


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