In bloom? Oh Bother….

Today ladies and gents I wish to simply vent, because it’s good to just let it out sometimes.

This week is spring break for all of my little and not-so-little humans. Fun fun fun!!!

They are re-paving our little street today….wait yesterday, and the day before….oh and tomorrow, all week in fact. With the way it’s been going-for the next month! Have I mentioned we live in a cul-de-sac? (No matter what I do I have to google that word. Am I up too early for you iPhone? Spellcheck?)


On Friday, in big white spray paint mish-mash the yellow-truck-driving humans let me know they’re also tearing out about 4 feel of our driveway. Yay me. In an attempt to show the county maintenance workers I am all for this event; as if I were given a choice – I woke up just before the butt crack of dawn, and coffee in hand, waited by the door for them to appear so I could ask where my van should be parked for their convenience. The graffiti they tagged my property with says 7am. It’s 7:25 and not a single reflective vest wearing human is here. No one.

Our curb in front of the house is finished. Or was, as the do-over humans have decided said curb is too teeny, and they want it to be as high as my uncut grass currently is.

The machine they use to break up pavement, unofficially called a ‘drop hammer’ – is quite a fete. I imagine learning to drive and manure/maneuver it involves classes/certification. They could have offered me a class in defensive tractor driving or certification in not-my-trash-but-yours cleanup. But no, I’m not special enough. So, as the house shakes with each hammering, the baby has decided to give me a lesson in what can only be described as chaos 101. My dogs are going into full on eat-unknown-human-mode. It’s a good thing I woke up so early….because who’d want to miss all this excitement!

***On a side note and to top off the joys of this morning….I dropped my phone and it shattered. Enter many curse words here_________________!***


17 thoughts on “In bloom? Oh Bother….

  1. Why is it, that little bits of chaos seem to attract each other like magnets and pile up like a…..I feel your pain, my friend. Two weeks ago, my companion cat of 16 years died. Yesterday, I had to have my twelve-year-old dog euthanized…..after which I went to rinse something in my kitchen sink and the faucet exploded and fell off, causing a geyser of hot water to spray all over hell….then …the plumber came immediately after I called, and fixed the faucet, and said “no charge.” Life is strange…everywhere. As the French say, Bon Courage!

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    1. Oh sweet lady, I’m so sorry for yet another loss. My heart aches for you. Our pets are family too.

      Yes! Chaos magnets is right! There’s a post in that phrase! I’m so thankful that the plumber worked his magic at no cost to you. What a wonderful way to bring the magnets together I proper order. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter my ladyπŸ’œ

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  2. Oh no! I can only say I hope it gets better. I would say you are handling things well. I would not likely be kind to the outside, reflective humans. I dislike loud noises and things that shake my house. I almost hunted down the guy with a weed whacker last week. πŸ˜€

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    1. LOL!!! I’m the same. I can’t stand the hammering. My 6 yr old JJ thinks it’s amazing. But he also thinks the word poop is best said “Poooooooop ” *giggle giggle*….so that about sums him up hehe. I just want to get out of the house at this point! Thank you for the encouragement!

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