It’s Only Natural…



Watching the wind blow through the trees.
Kicking up the dust and
watching it cross and cover the path made
on that bright, crisp morning –
Early enough that the dew was still sipped
by the wild flowers following her
road to nowhere.

As the sun begins to beat down on her face, the dew has now dried and
the leaves are curled to protect the
moisture they’d gathered.

Reaching out to the tree branches
covered in moss and web, she
breathes deep.
There is an ephemeral beauty in what
is taken from and what is lost in this place.
Though its sounds are of such
much like the last song
of a dying bird…

There is a decrepit Redwood that, though
rotting, it
still holds her secrets.
She imagines that perhaps her struggles could
be buried there, and
that the lone song of her dying dream might be
buried there as well…
deep within its roots.
Deep within its safe place –
where life still exists.

In the spring
seedlings may shoot
from this dirty place, and
a new chance at life could begin, if
only the sunlight could get in.




10 thoughts on “It’s Only Natural…

  1. Oh, do I know that need for sunlight lately. If mine rolls in soon, I’ll bottle it for you to pour over the possibilities in your ground. So much–of such depth–grows in you. As always, I feel honored to read your writing. (And I’m glad you’re back here.)

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    1. Thank you DLJ! It seems that both of us are just bit overwhelmed with the goings-on in our lives. It was sunny for all of about one hour here and I stood in our front yard, robe on, and soaked it up lol. I’m not sure if I was seen but it felt so good I just didn’t care.💜

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    1. It takes time. I’ve worked on some of my writing for months only to get a few lines penned. Suffering breeds creativity in some of us. For others, like myself – it’s hard to be into the more artistic side of writing when I’m struggling. So maybe this good news on my journey. Thank you for your compliment. I do have to say though that you have quite a talent for writing yourself sir.

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      1. Your long hard work show in your results. I on the the other hand will write 1 to 4 per day. It a thought hits me I peck it out & store them to post later. They somehow just seem to flow from my mind. They are all time s& things I have experienced, so far anyway….”Hold’em Hook”!…..BG>

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        1. And you know, from what you do write, you’re in a season of thanks giving, and that desire to reminisce is very much at the heart of your writing. One day I’ll get there. I haven’t been blogging very long, but I’m hoping that once all the yuck is out I can write about the better memories, share them with others. And I can see a difference in your writing over the last month. You’re giving more details, and allowing your readers into your heart a little more. That’s a huge step as a writer!

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