Bits Gets Fancy!

I have arrived…as in I have an official email address for my blog! Isn’t that exciting. Like, oh my gosh I’m so committed. Feel free to ask anything of me or even shoot me some ideas for future posts! To celebrate I’m giving you all the gift of laughter. Be warned there might be cursing, or just nonsensical silly time…


WTAF fishing 101


Fainting goats? Oh yesss please!


Bacon. Need I say more?


Okay I’m done being obnoxious. I hope at least one video made you laugh. I almost forgot…here’s my new email address. If ever you need a ‘friend’ I’m here.

*You would be quite surprised how hard it was to come up with an email that didn’t sound like the name of a pornstar or pornographic movie title. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I know what ‘heavenlylittlebits’ @ sounds like.*





16 thoughts on “Bits Gets Fancy!

  1. Blog email, you say? Real deal, Bits. Real deal.

    Also, is it wrong to hope that if karma is real, I come back in another life as one of those fainting goats? I love the idea that when I’m threatened, I can just toss my legs and and flop to the ground. I mean, I guess I could do that now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll just make OTHER people nervous, which seems like…hmm, like a pretty good idea. Okay, fainting goats. You’re on.

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    1. Lmfao! I know! Really! My cousin threw himself down on the grocery store linoleum once and pulled the dying-fish-card out on my meaner than mean auntie. Best moment ever. Too bad I didn’t have a smart phone. Could you imagine if our anxiety was outwardly expressed like a fainting goat!?! Baaaa baaaa hahahaha!

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  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Rub some bacon on it 😉 That was enough for me! Glad you got a new email addy- and I understand it must have been hard to come up with one that didn’t sound like a porno website- ha! ha! ha! ha!

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      1. I should bookmark it so that I can pull it out when I need a good laugh. Thanks for sharing!

        My kids would get a kick out of it if I sang pieces to them. They aren’t too embarrassed of me . . . yet 🙂

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    1. Lol I’m glad it made you smile! I had been looking for a reason to post some of the videos my kids show me. They never fail at making me laugh! I’m doing okay. Some days are easier than others but I am forever grasping at the silver lining of my life, because I really do have a lot of it!
      Thank you for caring💜

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