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I haven’t been posting very much lately and for those that have missed it I do apologize! Life has been going at full ludicrous speed around our house and I’ve been playing catch up myself for weeks!

Tank is walking so I spend most of my days chasing, oohing and aahing, and cleaning up after everyone else so he won’t realize he can reach the table and countertops to make big messes. I had forgotten how much I loved cabinet locks!!

JJ graduates from kindergarten next week and has requested all the festivities of a college grad for ‘his’ party…streamers, costumes, darts, bubbles…and a new bike.




Birdie will be heading to middle school next year and with that comes the joys of hitting that all important ‘girls only‘ kind of puberty at the most awkward time…and her fifth grade swimming party is TOMORROW!!! *sigh*

Our son Jay has been off and on with his anxiety meds, which if anyone knows anything about any type of medication it’s that one must use it as prescribed. Trying to word things without hurting his anxious feelings about what he’s like without his meds is driving our relationship into a wall – made of steel. The kid is just 14, 6′ tall and 200 lbs of oil and water, grease and fire, bubbles and flower petals. Ugh. It. Sucks. He’s heading off to high school next year and has no desire to do ANYTHING. That at least, is typical of his age – and then there’s girls….calling, texting, never ending. (Enter mama bear stone cold and unamused face here.)

My 18 yr. old son is applying to work at a casino for the summer. No I don’t like it, but he’s 18. He’s 18. I feel old…perhaps this part should be left out? (I mean, I really do only dye my hair because I like to right? There’s no gray…is there?)

Of course there’s the life outside of party planning, having to do laundry and change diapers. There’s more to my life than meeting with teachers, doctors and short-order meal requests at 0100 hours. I’m also a wife. And my husband has been doing a lot around here for us. Bravo has a job and if all goes well he will switch from being a contract position to permanent employee in about 8 weeks. Thank God for regular pay, hours and bill paying. I am so thankful that we can buy pizza on Saturday nights if we want and buy that really soft toilet paper again.

With all this to-do and so on, I forgot to mow our yard, or just the back yard really. Then it rained for a week. Then it was hot and humid, sunny beyond measure…and I kid you not the measurements of grass are a two foot minimum. I’m gonna need a tractor, an old rake and a new mower. Help! (And with two dogs, kids, and a fear of Lyme disease this mama and her hubby have been weed whacking and raking Deadpool style. Cursing, laughing, inappropriately joking and bribing our kiddos to get in on this fun.)

Anyway, I hope the coming new season will be filled with more of my little bit of heaven. Because as bitchy as this blog post sounds…it’s all I’ve ever wanted. And the bits of hope, happiness and love sprinkled about are all I need to know I’m right where I should be.


***On a side note, I watched the mo vie  ‘Deadpool’ and it was disgusting – as in disgustingly funny.***






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  1. The picture looks like a baby Steve Martin.😍 About the lawn care job you offered to fill…I just got that you were talking about a trimmer and I was thinking weed eater (whacker). After using an old fashioned, heavier than hell, coming apart trimmer, I convinced
    Danny to buy me a light weight, rechargeable trimmer and I love, love, love it. The yard in the house we are vacating is getting worse by the day, I’m kinda freaking out. Danny is searching for used equipment. BTW, I wasn’t being elitist when I said we hired to have the grass cutting and weed eating done. When we moved in to our last house in Texas, a guy came by and offered to cut our very large back yard and front yard and weed eat for $25.00. After Danny had done it once (he actually likes yard work), he gave his mower and weed eater to our son and the gig was on. We moved our wicker furniture into the great room and ahhh….😍

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    1. You got the trimmer! Yay! It’s a back saver and it’s great for getting around the garden. And for the record I would never see you as ‘elitist’ or anything else but beautiful. That comment made me laugh though so thanks! Our back yards just over an acre, and most of its grass…which I’m happy to say is now whacked. My poor husband did it all. I do love wicker furniture…are you going to make a post with some photos of it???

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    1. Definitely not for kids…which my 10 yr old Birdie is still mad about. And yes, yes it is the small/soft things in life that we cherish. Did you know they make paper towels with soap already on them? I didn’t…until I got one wet to wash my face off after eating ribs. So bad. So. So. Bad.

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  2. Hi Bits! Sounds like crazy busy – and that back lawn, yikes! I’d be terrified to try to rectify that. LOL! Your mower is going to shut down every foot or so. I’ve never seen the movie Deadpool- sounds interesting, I’ll have to look into that. Glad you are feeling busy, but happy β™₯

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    1. Our lawn mower hates us, so much in fact that it has stopped working! So we are literally weed whacking the heck out of it. And apparently our resident fox has picked a specific plot of land for itself – which means fox poop shrapnel under the big tree. Thank God for safety goggles! DeadPool has oodles of cursing and such but I am still laughing a few days later!!

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  3. I’m only two paragraphs in and I’m laughing out loud!!!

    “(Enter mamma bear stone cold and unamused face here.)”
    This is entertaining enlightenment you’ve got, and I like it !

    You have strands of grey/gray in your hair. When you’re ready to let them shine, you will — you’ve earned every blessed one of them! Turning silver it is a privilege.

    “that really soft toilet paper”!!!! Oh goodness, you had this old lady laughing out loud!
    Love that you feel just fine right where you are. 🌈 Hugs

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  4. So busy. I applaud you. I think that end of school year is a goofy time, so much reward for what has been, so much angst about what will be. Sounds like you’re right on track where you supposed to be.

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