Imprint of Anxiety

Hands tense
Muscles tight
Stomach turning

The sun fades
Behind the trees

My heart
How it aches

The pit of my soul
Is trying to break free
From the roots
Which hold me

Hostage in my world

The corners are closing in

Worthless words
Meaningless love

These roots are suffocating me

Time holds no key

My eyes
They are ashamed of me


7 thoughts on “Imprint of Anxiety

  1. Anxiety levels are unusually high in the Potts household too. I’ve been grinding my teeth in my sleep which has caused some severe jaw pain. On the bright side, it has slowed down the speed at which I eat which I like to think might help my waistline, so maybe some good will come of it.

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    1. Oh I know that pain. I have a bite guard that has helped immensely. Maybe it’s the world and all its enormity we feel. Human connections colliding. I hope your life gets a little more peaceful💜

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  2. Well said. Is it me or is everyone dealing with anxiety this month? Both on a personal and on a global scale? I feel so disjointed and agitated and concerned, and cannot shake it.

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    1. Same here sweet Bean. I had to banish the news from my house for a bit. I’m not even reading the paper. There is just so much. Too much. There’s this nagging sense of impending doom I cannot shake, which means I need to get outside and weed until it goes away.😊

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