Life and Broken Brakes

I almost died today.
I was driving my 

blue beast soccer mom van.

I had just taken Baby to the store.

My brakes cut out, and the van jerked loudly through the intersection – when what it should have been doing was STOPPING.

Looking in my mirrors and then at my son I turned quickly to the right, brake pedal useless.

I prayed.

‘Dear God, if ever I needed you it’s now. Protect my son.’

I wasn’t even breathing as I thought of what to do. 

A church parking lot was to my right so I turned in.

And I turned again and again until the van stopped and the loud noise which came from beneath my vehicle stopped too.

Letting go of the wheel, and my fear I just melted.

I melted into the driver seat. 

I melted into my son which I was now holding tightly, and in turn holding me, whispering how scared I was into his little ear.

I told my baby how thankful I was to hold him, love him, be here.

How such peace-filled hours can turn into terrifying moments, and just as quickly become the stories of gratitude, and thankfulness amaze me…



10 thoughts on “Life and Broken Brakes

  1. Oh dear God how terrifying. In a panic, I’m not sure I’d know what to do. Remember the emergency break, and neutral. But, in the moment, hard to remember. Good job keeping your cool and finding a way to safely stop. So glad this ended with safety.

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    1. My right hand and arm have lost some strength, and my emergency break wouldn’t go up! I got it about 1 inch off the ground but it did no good. I’m Laughing at it all now but yesterday I was a bit frazzled. It was pretty scary. I was cool until I got home and that after panic desire to nap set in!

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    1. Me too and yes! Yes he did. There were pieces of my brakes all over the road. The van had started making a weird noise last week, so we figured we’d take it this week on payday…but no. It just wanted a vacation I guess. We have one Ford SUV that’s been a gem to own and is a 1999. This Ford van has literally started falling apart since about two months post warranty expiration. And it’s been recalled three times in all. It’s a lemon! *Smh*


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