Never Make A Plan!!!

Feeling overwhelmed minions? I too struggle with this little turd called anxiety…I just never know when that riptide of panic will hit, but I have grown enough to know who or what can trigger it…

We went fishing for the Fourth of July weekend, and let me tell you that after all the epic (as in expensive) mechanical failures of the past month I couldn’t make the following up if I tried.

Let’s set the tone with a pre-road trip run down shall we? 

Washing machine leaked all over basement.

My van has a flat tire…damn it

Couldn’t (still can’t) find glasses


***In our SUV we have me, my husband, one man size 14 year old son and our daughter, Little son, baby son, 130 lb dog child, 40 lb puppy child. Packed around us are our needs for the weekend. On top of said SUV are two kayaks.***

Driving to our favorite fishing hole on the Missouri/Arkansas border is about four hours give or take…unless you make plans, as I did, to get there in that time frame. 
First was the traffic which was backed for miles in both directions at a crucial point of our road trip – so we had to take a two hour detour which only got us 33 miles from home. Siri, if you’re maker is reading this – kiss my butt.

Two hours later we reach the famed, nay infamous ‘candy shop’ and baby needs to stretch his legs. While walking around our beloved SUV had over heated AND the oil light was on AND the check engine light was giving off the ‘it’s to late you’re doomed’ glare. In need oil? Yes! Nearest gas station? 6 miles away. Stress level high and pricey! Oh did I forget to mention that as a result of Siri’s flagrant disregard of our schedule said candy shop/gas station was closed when we pulled up? Yeah, it was that kind of night.

We get to our destination at around midnight. SEVEN hours after we’ve left home. Both dogs need to pee, I need to pee, baby is pissed off and my husband looks like he’s about to stroke out. Baby slips on wet floors. I slip on wet floor…because you know…it’s RAINING! Pardon my language but in my mind I thought to myself ‘what fuckery is this?!?’ 

Alas we wake Saturday to find rain but no fish. Our son Jay caught one…just one troutsie…for the entire day. (That was one splendid fish…so yummy, but as a total for the day not enough for a family meal.) We decided to load up our hot-n-sexy SUV for a beer run…which yes, Siri, that bitch, took us on a scenic drive for 1.5 hours to a Walmart we had never seen, past the one we would have had to do an illegal u-turn (on a major four lane road no less) to get to. Sigh. Forget the beer, I bought two loaves of French bread and a bag of cookies. Omm nomm nomm. I love you bread. You heal me.

But Sunday, sweet sweet blessed Sunday…
It rained just enough to keep the fish biting and the temperature pleasant, well, for July anyway!

Jay (man sized child) caught his limit of trout…

Birdie caught hers too!

It was nice enough that we got to swim in the afternoon…so we all got to nap too for the bonus. Yay me!

Bravo caught his limit and met a guy who was a nephew of a man he served with – small world! It made his weekend.

I got to fish ALONE. Peace. Quiet. I even caught a few trout myself! 

My husband Bravo and Jay got to kayak…and promised that next time I get first dibs. 


9 thoughts on “Never Make A Plan!!!

  1. It seems so wrong to “like” this post. But I did. You know I’m right there with you on the aggravation of having your plans messed with. Mother Nature has some explaining to do. I’ve never trusted Siri, and now you’ve given me more proof that she’s a heartless harlot.

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  2. Looks like a lovely weekend. I’m just glad, given how your SUV was acting, that you got there and back safely. (You know my anxieties, friend. Just reading the description of the oil AND check engine lights coming on made my heart beat two speeds too quickly!)

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    1. Coming home was MUCH easier lol…but our next trip will be with our van – after it gets a new tire. I’m just glad we had a backup car. It’s on it’s way out but I can’t convince my husband we need to let the SUV go. It’s literally falling apart!

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  3. Sounds like it started off a disaster but ended sublime- the pics are magnificent! What a beautiful lake, I love the pics and the story is one you’ll look back ONE DAY and laugh about it- because it did sound like complete fuckery to begin with 🙂

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    1. I’m already laughing! And I’ve banned Siri from going on road trips with us-it just seems logical.
      It’s Lake Taneycomo, very close to Branson MO. We don’t go into Branson. Tooooo many humans. You would love it there, your dogs would love it there!

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