For a Heart that is sick…

There is a little girl, not quite three, dying of stage four cancer. Her parents are friends of a fellow infantryman my husband is close with. 

Her heart may be ravaged by this terrible disease, but her smile shines bright when the police officers stop by and visit. Her time on this earth is short and her mom would like to make her a gift…a quilt of police badges, blue and bright, to keep her safe on lonely nights.

If you have a spare or know someone who may give a badge to place on this blanket of love, email me at and I will give you my address. I will then forward it to the family. Thank you friends!


8 thoughts on “For a Heart that is sick…

    1. I intended to go to the police dept last night but the weather was really bad. I’ll try again tonight! There are bunches of people sending her some so if I fail I know her mom will get enough💜

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    1. I know. They gave me a photo but I couldn’t bring myself to add it to the post. She is so small. The cancer is behind her heart and stomach. I figured I’d do what could to help. It’s not much but it’s something.

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