Is Grá Fíor Féin Grá

In keeping with this ‘Little Bit of Heaven’ I hope to create a small space in this ever growing and changing world where others can come to grow, learn and maybe even find a little bit of heaven, all your own.

Each of us has a place in the world that only we can fill. Each of us lose sight of that at times, and that’s where life goes one of two ways….it can kick your ass or you can own it. Own it and realize that there’s nothing more human than understanding it is our differences that make us wonderful, make us remarkable. Simple or complicated, we are all connected by a heart beat.

I’ve been a mom for 18 years. Before I became ‘Mama’ I was an artist who loved to paint and photograph the world through open yet anxious eyes. I sold my first sketch at 12 years old. My first published piece of writing came to be while in high school. Now days my medium usually involves crayola, and poetry has given way to memorizing mother goose. I am married to an infantryman+mountain man+computer wiz, who still after all these years, has my heart. I love people. I love learning from others and find joy in their life stories.

In time I plan to have the people who have changed me write on my blog. My hope is that with their help, we can change our small part of the world for the better.

Here are some random things about me, and yes I know it’s frowned upon to just blurt out things about myself, but…it is MY blog!

I love horse back riding, though I haven’t done it in years. I wear slippers to the bus stop…because I can. I like cooking though only recently does it like me back.
I hate selfies. You won’t find one on here. I have anxiety, but who doesn’t with kids in this world. I write with more eloquence than when I speak…anxiety. I don’t have a favorite color that I admit to because I have so many kids that if my color was their color I’d be accused of having a favorite tiny person.

Ok! Glad that’s off my chest.

Want more about ‘the blogger’ then please feel free to ask a question! I might use it as the inspiration for a post. God Bless, and play on.


11 thoughts on “All about it…

  1. Hello,

    Found you from a comment you left on another site. I love your writing, your life story, your honesty and your willingness to share it with the world. Please pass on to your husband that there are people in the world that understand what he has accomplished and are thankful there are men like him willing to do all the hard stuff so people like me can sit back and get fat. With your permission, I would like to become a follower.


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  2. Oh, do I understand that anxiety (obviously). No wonder I love your blog; I think you may be my motherhood guru! So glad to have “met” you here, friend. Thank you, as always, for your guidance. Every time you write a post on your blog or a comment on mine, you teach me.

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    1. DLJ I don’t know how I missed this comment! You know you were the very first minion I had! And yours was the very first blog I ever followed! Your words are so kind. And I’m so glad we have been able to help one another! 💜

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