No, seriously…


In my quest for enlightenment I often cross paths with people that are very different than me, and I love it. Fascinated by the human condition I thoroughly enjoy learning about others, their lives, their dreams.

But I’m not particularly in the mood to dive into the human psyche in that way tonight! So hold that post for another day and hold on because it’s gonna get icy.

There is a person…in the ‘Hollywood’ lime light that is apparently broke. Is it just me or what the actual f$&k is going on in that brain of his? Have you read the things people are posting to said Hollywoods gofundme page!?! I read it so I would be of understanding to his plight but alas, like Hollywoods recent music endevours…. I don’t get it. Perhaps it is his sense of fashion, his suck it attitude or his ever gleaming star that has allowed him to believe he is on a ‘Paul the Apostle’ level.

And then there’s the ‘Diva’ who released an album, then a song (or Vice versa) and then did a big fancy show and everyone flipped out…as she turned the horrors of the upper class feeding on the lower class and lives having value into a scene that did not need her attention, at least in such a way that provokes anger, and more disdain. In 24 hours she took her own credibility away for dollar signs. Kudos!

And once more for full effect (and because I’ve been dying to somehow put this on my blog) the turkey emotional support critter. Now, I love turkey. We see them at the local farms when we buy fresh fruits and veggies, and on my table for holiday meals. I can honestly say that I don’t see this going well. Would we be surprised if the bird flipped out on a plane? And I must be missing something because I was unaware they were meant to fly!!! And lastly, how mentally stable is a turkey anyway????

What do these two people and a brave, but out of place turkey (or human) have in common??? No one told them that their choices have greater impact when they think of others before themselves. That it’s not about the money, money, money. Their need to make a scene, to be seen. ( OK, maybe not the turkey, I’ll give you that.) There was no one there to say ‘hold that thought, that comment, that turkey’. When someone has enough power to make or break someone, or people that willingly allow themselves to be bullshitted we care less about the big picture and more about personal gain, likes and selfies, and the whole world goes to shit. Communal narcissism.

I would love to go on more, but I need to go find a snake to snuggle with.